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What is it?

DeviceImage-Tools Project is intended to work out the most reliable, flexible and easy to use software solution to perform a system disaster recovery or fast backup-restore operations of whole disk device or its partition without a deep knowledge of software functionality. The most efficient solution for this purpose could be a device imager. Disk images provide a powerful backup-restore solution and are exact copies of your hard drive which are created by using low level byte by byte copy operation. So even if your drive goes bad, you will still have an entire copy of your system that you can restore.

This software solution could be very useful in following cases:

DeviceImage Tools

The first step in reaching of this goal is represented by two useful command line tools zsplit and unzsplit, which can make your life with computer a little bit easier, please see the documentation.

download zsplit

Version 1.2.0

A command line imager, which allows you to create an exact disk image. Finally it compresses the output image file and splits it into chunks of defined size to fit exactly the size of storage media (CD, DVD or HDD).
download unzsplit
Version 1.2.0
A command line restore tool. It restores files produced by zsplit to its origin, i.e. split and compressed image files will be uncompressed, tied together and restored to the original device or partition.
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07.07.2007: DeviceImage software goes commercial. Please see here for details.

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06.03.2005: zsplit/unzsplit version 1.0.1 has been released, please see release notes.

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