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DeviceImage Project has been devided into two parts:

DeviceImage Commercial and DeviceImage-Tolls Open Source.

DeviceImage Commercial - what is it?

Since now the DeviceImage Commercial-software will come with enhanced features and added support, but at a price.

DeviceImage is easy-to-use and comfortable linux-based software for Backup and Restore of whole devices, partitions or separate big files. This software is independent from operating system: it absolutely does not matter what OS do you want to backup. It does not need installation procedure: DeviceImage could be started and immediately used from the DeviceImage-Boot CD. All available devices and partitions will be recognized automatically.

DeviceImage solves not only the problem of Data-Backup generally, but allows also a direct cloning (devices or partitions). DeviceImage includes the possibility to check the data-integrity before restore, so that the customer can easy and timely detect the data-inconsistency. DeviceImage cares not only about the consistency of restored data, it cares also about the data-security. It includes powerful encryption algorithm DES-EDE2 and SHA-1 to protect all data against the possible access of the third parties.

DeviceImage allows the full automatic "press-and-go" operations. Predefined backups could be easyly selected and in the next step the appropriate operation starts.

A commercial spin-off company WAXAR GmbH & Co. KG that developed DeviceImage software, aims to attract a wider audience, such as businesses, towards the flexible and easy to use "backup-and-restore"-software. DeviceImage will be sold through a variety of means, including retail; agreements with software distributors (mainly of Linux operating system); bundling with various software products; and through the WAXAR's sales force. The software will be available for under $100 in retail stores, and will be sold via a licensing model to enterprises with significant volume discounts. The licenses will be per-user, and will be flexible, without requirements such as mandatory upgrades.

The current version of DeviceImage is available here.

DeviceImage-Tools Open Source: sponsored by the WAXAR GmbH & Co. KG will still be farther developed and available for free download.



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07.07.2007: DeviceImage software goes commercial. Please see here for details.

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